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Tried all the weight loss programmes and still not feeling great?

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

At Naturally Bright Nutrition health is...

A healthy mind

A healthy gut microbiome

Balanced blood sugars

Balanced hormones

Your body in carefully controlled balance - homeostasis

Functioning neurotransmitters

A strong and stable spine

A balanced autonomic nervous system

Healthy glowing skin

Optimal Blood Pressure

Optimal Lung capacity

Healthy glowing skin


Being comfortable in your own skin

Regular social interaction

Taking time to yourself to relax

Allowing some 'me time'

Getting enough Vitamin D - being outdoors

Exercise in whatever capacity you enjoy

And so so much more!!

This is why diet programmes such as #weightwatchers, #slimmingworld, #Atkins, #dietpills etc are never a good idea. Apart from them promoting unhealthy associations with foods such as 'sins' and fuelling a negative psychological cycle they do not encourage a balanced diet and focus purely on macros and calorie counting.

Yes - you will loose weight! BUT what else will you loose out on?!

Of course you will loose weight if you pay more attention to what your eating and reduce processed foods - this doesn't make it a healthy option.

YOU are worth SO much more than clever advertising.

YOU are all unique and deserve to be treated that way.

Find out the CAUSE of your health issues and start yourself on the path to optimal health for life! This is by no means an exaggeration.

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