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Stress - such a hot topic and one that I'm sure we have all experienced at some point.

There are so many ways that you can help reduce the burden of stress each day.

Getting into a routine of starting the day with mindfulness or meditation such as those found on apps like Headspace or Calm is such a great way of setting you up for the day and personally we have found them very beneficial. You only need 10 minutes and the difference it makes is worth so much more than those extra 10 minutes of snooze on your alarm.

Bathing in Epsom salts are such a beautiful way of relaxing both your tired muscles and your mind, adding in some essential oils like lavender and orange real give you that much needed kickstart to a relaxing evening and hopefully a good night sleep.

Keeping a gratitude journal is also a great way of calming those racing thoughts and celebrating the little things.

Something that we have trialed recently is mindful eating, it sounds a bit out there but when you think about it, it make so much sense. Shoveling food in your mouth on the go between running around ticking off items on your to-do may lead to bloating and poor digestion but also more than likely will lead to an increase consumption of food as you are not aware of what your consuming. Take time to chew each and every mouthful and really enjoy the food you are putting into your body.

Food is there to be enjoyed - give yourself some time to do so.

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