Gain control of your health and hormones by transforming the way you eat and think about food

  • Do you suffer from irregular periods, and/or sugar cravings, anxiety or cramping leading up to your period?

  • Bloating, food intolerances and digestive discomfort stop you doing the things you love?

  • Fed up of mood swings or heavy periods?

  • Want to take control of your hormones and feel your best everyday?

  • Feeling lost as to what to eat and working out what is best for you?

I've been there too!


Having been the person that was eating badly, constantly calorie counting, with acne-covered skin and always feeling tired. Unsurprisingly, the poor diet and years worth of acne medications meant I developed terrible digestive problems and hormonal issues: bloating, cramps and heavy, irregular periods - all sorts.


As I changed my destructive ways and started eating whole foods – those digestive issues ceased, my periods became regular, that 3pm energy slump was eliminated, my skin began to glow and calorie counting went out the window. All that came from giving my body what it needs!

Did you know that nutrition and lifestyle has a big role to play throughout our own female hormone journey from the start of our periods as a teenager, during childbearing years right through to the menopause.   Our hormones are made from the fats that we consume and other nutrients and foods play a major role in how they function.

As women, we take it for granted that hormonal symptoms are a normal part of our monthly cycle. However, the good news is that they don't have to be. By making simple improvements to your nutrition and lifestyle, you can really help to reduce their effects and improve your overall quality of life. 

Small steps in the right direction is still progress – you’ve taken the first steps today by being on my website. I will work alongside you to show you that it is possible for you to feel AMAZING everyday.

I help you find your balance and feel energised without constantly counting and measuring your food even if you have tried everything. Through a real food approach learn to balance your hormones naturally after all they have a big impact in how you feel – energy, mood, sex life, weight and so much more. No need to feel daunted, I will provide step by step support and guidance throughout.

Are you ready to take control today?

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