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My Philosophy

Hello and Welcome to Naturally Bright Nutrition, I am Jessie.


I believe being healthy and feeling good in our bodies should not cause added stress in our already busy lives.

My philosophy is Nourishment not Punishment, I don’t believe in restrictive diets or complicated diet plans.  I am all for making any changes fit in with your goals and lifestyle. For a long-term benefit they need to be:






I work with a range of clients from hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, recent diagnosis, thyroid issues, weight loss, fertility or just to maintain wellness.

So if you are:

Suffering from painful cramping monthly? Mood swings? Heavy or irregular periods? PMS? Bloating? Digestive issues? Or have recently been diagnosed and want support naturally? I am here for you!

Believe me when I say, you are not alone...

I work with women who like you are tired of being controlled by their hormones, have been struggling with energy levels, cravings, painful irregular periods, mood swings, weight loss and digestive issues to restore some balance naturally.

Working together we can take back control of your health and hormones leaving you feel energised for many years to come! We work together to support you to make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle. Simply and without deprivation.

In Health and Happiness,

Jessie Bright

BSc, Dip CNM, mBANT, CNHC Registered

My Approach
Naturally Bright Nutrition Workspace

So much benefit that can be gained just by making a few small dietary alterations. There is usually a tremendous amount we can achieve with these small changes alone. Consistency and support are key to improving your health and small, manageable changes over a period of weeks and months mean nothing without ongoing support, that’s why I believe working with clients on a weekly basis gets the results they do because to me, support means everything.


For more information on Nutritional Therapy, pricing and packages can be found here but please do feel free to contact me to discuss your particular situation and what I feel will be of most benefit to you. I offer a free 30 minute call, an opportunity for you to ask questions and see if you think we will be a good fit.


Through my own experiences I know and understand the journey my clients will be taking, and feel that the combination of my professional study with practical implementation advice provides an effective and long-lasting approach. As with any aspect of our lives, if we have neglected our health for some time it will not be an overnight fix, but I am confident that by working together I can help you to feel and live the best you possibly can. For a little snapshot of the lovely comments some of my clients have left please do visit my success stories page.

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If you're ready to wake up feeling energised, calm, clear headed and confident...

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